Resin Art Colours & Effects

All products in this section also appear in their specific categories elsewhere in this website. They have been put together in one place to make it easy for resin artists.
All products here mix very easily into resins. They are all lightfast (non-fading) and suitable for the heat and chemistry of curing resins. 
  • For both solid & translucent colour use Allure Epoxy Resin Colourants.
  • For solid metallic effects use Pearlescent Pigments.
  • For translucent metallic effects use Interference Pearlescent Pigments.
  • For sparkle effect use Durable Glitter or the ultimate Cosmetic Diamond Pearlescent Pigments.
  • We also have a wide range of small crystals and stones that are perfect for resin art. See separate main category of this website. 

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