About Us

Bastion Paint was founded in South Africa in 2007 by Brian Quicke.

Our company initially began by manufacturing premium architectural paints but soon began with the development of Special Effect Paints. Special Effect Paints grew into a major division boasting a significant range of highly innovative products. These paints target a wide range of markets including Home & Building Décor (especially feature walls), Arts & Crafts, the Entertainment Industry, Industrial & Home Safety and Security Applications.

We also combined our technical expertise in paints and cosmetics to develop a range of Special Effect Body Paints. We soon became famous for our spectacular Body Glow Paints and added a range of Glowing Accessories to our offering which enabled us to become a one-stop-shop for all Glow-in-the-dark party and event requirements. Our Body Paint products include Metallic Body Paints, Fake Blood as well as Wound and Zombie Kits. 

We have subsequently also become a significant supplier of Special Effect Pigments and Colourants. Our product range includes imported Epoxy Resins and numerous related products including Silicone Moulds. We have also added a significant range of crystals and stones specifically for arts and crafts applications. 

We continue to launch new innovative products while always focusing on our core targets of supplying defect free products with excellent customer service and manufacturing in an environmentally responsible manner. We love our environment and the animals that share it with us.