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  • No order for Gift Vouchers or with gift vouchers in it may exceed R1500 (if you require more then place multiple orders).
  • The Purchaser of the Gift Voucher: On Checkout select "Collection" to avoid courier charges. Send your Order Confirmation and Tax Invoice emails to someone as a gift.
  • The Receiver of the Gift Voucher: Place your order in our online shop but do not pay. Email the Tax Invoice I. number to
  • Bastion Paint will apply the Gift Voucher as a discount and send you a new Order Confirmation. Pay in any extra if required.
  • Any unused voucher value will be applied as a credit to use with future orders.
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Bastion Paint Gift Vouchers:


What the Gift Voucher Purchaser must do:

  • If you buy Gift Vouchers for more than one person then place a separate order per person you intend to give the Gift Vouchers to. 
  • No order for Gift Vouchers or including Gift Vouchers may exceed R1500. If you require more then place multiple orders. 
  • Order the Gift Voucher(s) and on on Checkout select "COLLECTION" as the delivery method to ensure that you don't pay for courier delivery. If your order also includes other physical goods that you require to be delivered then you cannot select Collection. 
    • The Voucher Purchaser will immediately receive an Order Confirmation email when the order is placed.
    • The Voucher Purchaser will receive a Tax Invoice email after payment has been made.
  • Send these two documents to somebody as a gift.


What the Gift Voucher Receiver must do:

  • Register in our online shop if they have not previously done so. Place their order as normal but do not pay.
  • Email the I. number to (this number is on Tax Invoice that the Gift Voucher purchaser received).
  • Bastion Paint will apply the Gift Voucher value as a discount to their order and email them a revised Order Confirmation. 
  • (If preferred, they can email us their order as opposed to placing it directly online.)
Provided the order value is less than or equal to the voucher value, Bastion Paint will send their order without them doing anything else. They must pay in any additional amount if the order value is greater than the Gift Voucher value. This will be shown on the revised Order Confirmation emailed to them. Any unspent voucher value will be assigned to their account as a credit so that they can automatically use it when they order again. 


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