Aluminium Metallic Pigments

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  • Waterproof Coated Aluminium Powders
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Aluminium Pigments

Aluminium powders are fantastic due to their shiny silver nature and the fact that they impart excellent hiding power. This is the reason we use them in all our metallic paints. Normal aluminium powders are, however, highly reactive in water and even explode when thrown into water. Aluminium dust can even explode in the air at certain concentrations if an ignition source (e.g. a spark) is provided.

Both the aluminium powders that we sell are coated to make them stable in water (waterproof). Being water stable also means that they will be stable in any arts or crafts you use them in.

Aluminium Deep Silver Paste is coated aluminium powder that has been pre-mixed into water to make a very thick paste (so thick that it resists cutting with a knife). It is 70% aluminium powder and 30% water. It has a deep silver color and imparts exceptional hiding power. One advantage of using a paste is that there is no dust generation. As it contains water it can only be used in systems that are compatible with water and may not work well in resins. It is, however, extremely cost effective.

Aluminium Bright Silver Pigment has the best possible silver shine and lustre; nothing can beat it. It can be used to create a really bright silver color with wonderful hiding power and shimmering sparkle. It gives a liquid metal appearance.


Avoid breathing dust

Care should be taken not to breathe the dust (careful handling will reduce dust generation). Use a fabric dust mask that you can buy at any hardware store. If handling larger quantities (more than normal arts and crafts requirements) then a dust extraction system is required. 

Keep out of reach of children
All our products should be kept out of reach of children under 5 years and anybody who may tend to place items or liquids in their mouths should be supervised. Even packing can become a choking hazard.
Bright Silver Powder
Deep Silver Paste

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