Privacy Policy and Security



We will not share any profile information that you provide us with any other party.

We will not send you any communications (by email, message, phone or other) that you do not request from us unless it is to specifically update you on the status of an order.

Users of our Website can select to receive our Newsletters. Receivers of our Newsletters can always 'opt out' by following the simple action given in each Newsletter.  

Users can also opt to receive other correspondence by email such as "Customer and Product Review Surveys". 

In the event that you request information from us we will endeavour to only send you information that is related to your request.

When you register during checkout your purchase history and delivery information (name, address and phone number) will be retained by this website but will only be used to make subsequent purchases simpler for you. All reasonable efforts are made to ensure that the web site is secure and to this end it is an https:// secure site (as opposed to an http:// unsecure site). This website is hosted on a Hetzner server. Hetzner is probably the most reputable server company in South Africa and is a leader in server security.

Your payment information for online payments will not be visible to us and will not be entered into or retained by this web site. For online payment you will be connected to PayFast which operates a 3D secure and reputable payment service that is well known and widely used. During the payment process your bank will further verify your request by sending send you an OTP (one time pin) by email or SMS that you need to enter before payment can be made. 

If you want to read more about PayFast 3D Secure Payments you can do so by clicking here which will open a link to a PayFast page.

This Website may use Cookies for re-marketing purposes. The aim of this process is to target advertisements of applicable products to website users who have shown an interest in those products. Such adverts will only appear on Google related websites. If you do not want to see these ads you can  "clear cookies" after browsing or take other steps to not receive Google Ads. Our Ads will only target people based on their expressed interests and not based on any demographics that they may enter into the website.