Acrylic Inks

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  • Undiluted Acrylic Inks are essentially paints with a very high flow and a very high pigment concentration.
  • Once you start diluting them with water they can be used as stains, colourants, dyes and watercolours. 
  • Suitable for air-brushing.
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Acrylic Inks


About our Acrylic Inks

Acrylic Inks can be regarded as extremely high flow acrylic paints with extremely high pigment loading. 
When diluted with water they can be used as stains, colourants, dyes and watercolours. 
Suitable for Airbrushing (no dilution or thinning is required). 
They contain fine pigments with a very high pigment loading. All pigments are lightfast and non-fading
These inks are superior to dye based inks as dyes are usually not lightfast and thus fade.
Supplied in convenient dropper bottles. 

Surface Types

If using the Acrylic Inks as a paint then all surfaces should be prepared and primed as per normal acrylic paints.
They adhere to surfaces that normal acrylic paints will adhere to such as wood, paper, board, canvas, galvanised steel, cement based surfaces and other water-based paints., 
Surfaces such as metals, plastic and glass require priming to ensure good adhesion.

Painting with Acrylic Inks

If undiluted they can be used as normal acrylic paint except the paint has a very high flow. These are not liquid watercolour paints but can give similar effects to watercolours. The main difference is that these inks have acrylic binder that is not water soluble so once dry they are permanent and cannot be lifted. If thinned with a significant amount of water they behave very similarly to normal watercolours. Due to the very high pigment concentration they can be diluted a significant amount. You can even add one drop of ink to 20ml water. High dilution levels will result in loss of bonding strength so the end result will be less permanent. If you dilute to a point where the dry inks can smudge on paper when rubbed, then applying a clear acrylic top coat will ensure permanence. 

Should I use Acrylic Inks to colour resin?

These are acrylics so they do contain water. For this reason they are not the best product of choice for use in resins as water reacts with the resin hardener.
Rather use our Allure Resin Colourants or many of our pigment powders to colour resin. Click here to go to resin effect products.
Keep out of reach of children
All our products should be kept out of reach of children under 5 years and anybody who may tend to place items or liquids in their mouths should be supervised. Even packing can become a choking hazard.
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