Metallic Paints - Ultra Thick: 110ml

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  • Create metallic texture. Used by artists for Metallic Impasto Techniques.
  • Acrylic Paste Paints applied with brush or pallet-knife.
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Metallic Paints - Ultra Thick



Metallic Paints manufactured with a high pigment loading of both aluminium and pearlescent pigments. 
These paints are thickened with thickener chemicals to assist in creating the ultra-thick viscosity. This allows for a cost effective range of very thick metallic paints that won't break your pocket..
Supplied in 110ml tubs, not in tubes.


Perfect for impasto techniques. The high paste viscosity means the paint stays where it is placed. Significantly raised effects can be created without any cracking during drying. Amazingly, the paste can still be spread easily, feels light and the dry paint is flexible (with a slightly rubbery feel). The paint should be applied with a brush or pallet-knife although interesting texture effects can be achieved with tools such as a coarse comb. 
Some shrinkage of the paint layer height takes place upon drying but this does not result in cracking. Another significant benefit is that the paints dry relatively fast in thick layers so they are usually ready for handling within a day or two. 

Durability of these Ultra Thick Metallic Paints

The paints have a high sheen and it is not necessary to put a top coat over them as they are highly durable and resistant to both water and ultraviolet (UV) light. UV resistance means they are lightfast and non-fading and they can be used for exterior applications.

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