Thermochromic Pigments

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  • These pigments undergo a reversible colour change between 30 & 31 degrees C.
  • Suitable for use in resins and in oil based systems.
  • Used in Slime and Nail products but not in other cosmetic or personal care products.
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Thermochromic Pigment Powders

Temperature sensitive pigments that are widely used in Slime, Nail Products and in Resins.

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About our Thermochromic Pigments

Pigments that change colour between 30 & 31oC. The reversible colour change can take place an unlimited number of times. Five pigment colours are available.
The first colour in each pigment name is the colour below the colour change temperature.
The second colour in each pigment name is the colour above the colour change temperature. 
A fast, effective, fully reversible colour change takes place. 
When the colour name indicates that the pigments turn transparent or translucent, a pile of pigment will appear white or lightly coloured while the pigment at low concentration in a medium or in a thin paint layer will be transparent or translucent. 
  • Orange to Bright Yellow
  • Maroon Brown to Pink
  • Dark Grey to Almost Transparent
  • Turquoise to Transparent
  • Blue to Translucent Sky Blue
  • Deep Green to Pale Translucent Green



The most common applications are in Slime, Nail Products and Resins.
Put into various mediums to make items or displays that change colour depending on temperature.
These pigments stir easily into resins and oil based mediums. 
Widely used in nail varnish products.
For use in water-based mediums, such as slime, good mixing is required as these pigments are hydrophobic. But fantastic slime, that changes colour when you handle it, can be created.
Keep out of reach of children
All our products should be kept out of reach of children under 5 years and anybody who may tend to place items or liquids in their mouths should be supervised. Even packing can become a choking hazard.
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Deep Green to Pale Translucent Green
Turquoise to Transparent
Maroon Brown to Pink
Orange to Bright Yellow
Dark Grey to Almost Transparent
Blue to Translucent Sky Blue
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