Photochromic Pigments

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  • Pigments that develop a strong colour when exposed to sunlight or any other sources of UV light.
  • Suitable for epoxy resins and for oil, solvent and water-based systems.
  • Used in Slime and Nail products but not in other cosmetic or personal care products.
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Photochromic Pigments


Frequently used in Slime, Nail products, Resin Art and many other applications. 

These powders are basically colourless in interior light or sometimes a very pale colour if the interior light emits a little ultraviolet (UV) light. As soon as they are subject to Ultra Violet light, such as when exposed to sunlight, then the pigments develop a strong colour within a few seconds.

These photochromic pigments can be mixed into a wide variety of clear mediums: Suitable for epoxy resins, oil & solvent based systems and for water-based systems.
Great for resin art, nail polishes, slime and a variety of other clear mediums. They can even be used as a UV detector and are great for school projects; you will be surprised how much UV light gets through the clouds on an overcast day.
These pigments have not been approved for all cosmetic applications but are safe for nail varnish products and slime. 

These pigments should not be used for applications that require long-term exposure to UV light or sunlight as the colours will fade. They are perfect for applications with limited life e.g. nail polish and invisible writing as well as for art that will mostly be kept inside with only periodic UV light or sunlight to activate the colours. 


20 second videos that demonstrate the colour change taking place.
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