Speciality Glitter Powders and Flakes

All our Glitter Powders art suitable for use in resins and  for general arts and crafts applications. 
Durable Glitters are suitable for solvent-based and water-based systems Heat resistant to 180oC. 
Holographic Glitters changes colour as viewing angle changes. 
Paint Glitter has a totally different chemistry to any other glitter. It gets stirred into any colour of water-based paint before painting. 
XXL Colour Shift Glitters have large 3mm glitter flakes that change colour as viewing angle changes.
Mixed Shape and Size Glitters contain a variety of flake shapes including hearts, stars and circles. Flake size is up to 3mm.
Mixed Colour and Size Glitters consist of a blend of colours with particles that range from very fine to very large 3mm flakes.
Cosmetic Mica Based Glitter contains no plastic. it is actually a large flake size pearlescent pigment based on mica.

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