Durable Glitter

  • Non-fading, chemical resistant Glitter.
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These glitters do not have approval for cosmetic applications.
Our glitter is a premium range of precision cut polyester particles. The glitter offers high brilliance and fabulous reflection. The versatility, quality and durability allows it to be used in a wide variety of applications including in automotive coatings. 
Various qualities of Glitter Powder are manufactured that vary significantly in price. 
  • Low Cost Glitters are sometimes called "Arts and Crafts Glitters". The colors of cheap glitters fade in sunlight and wash-off when subject to any solvent chemicals. The brilliance and reflection of low cost glitters is often not very good. 
  • Durable Glitters are sometimes called "Industrial Glitters". They look the same as Arts and Crafts Glitters but don't fade so can be used outdoors and are chemical resistant so can be used in water and oil based substances including resins. This is the type of glitter that we sell here.
  • Stable up to 180oC
  • Cosmetic Glitters. These are specifically tested and approved for skin contact. Although we use these in some of our cosmetic products we do not sell them.

We only sell high quality durable glitters (also called Industrial Glitters). Of course these are perfect for high quality arts and crafts where durability is required. Cheaper glitters will not be durable so although cheap glitters are fine for school projects and temporary applications you should use our glitter powders for durable arts and crafts and for any outdoor applications. 

For those familiar with glitter they will know that brilliant reflectance is achieved when the glitter is viewed from some angles. From other angles, however, glitter particles can appear dull. Although this is fine for many applications, if you require a sparkle without the possibility of dull looking specs at some angles then don't use glitter but use our Pearlescent Pigment called "Silver Sparkle Pearlescent - Coarse". This is transparent so it disappears from sight when not viewed at the correct angle to sparkle brightly. You will find this in our product range called "Pearlescent and Metallic Pigments".


Industrial Glitter 0.2mm Gold
Gold: 0.20mm
Silver: 0.20mm
Silver: 0.38mm
Red: 0.20mm
Green: 0.20mm
Blue: 0.20mm
Purple: 0.20mm

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