Durable Medium Glitter

  • Lightfast Glitter Powders that are heat resistant, chemical resistant and non-fading.
  • Perfect for use in resins and for industrial and exterior applications.
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Durable Medium Glitter


About this glitter range

This is a premium range of precision cut polyester glitter particles. These glitters offers high brilliance and fabulous reflection, more so than normal arts & crafts glitters. The versatility, quality and durability allows them to be used in a wide variety of applications including in automotive coatings. 
These glitter powders give excellent results in resin due to their high brilliance and fabulous reflection. Their temperature and chemical resistance mean that they maintain their full sparkle in resin as they are not impacted by the mixing and curing processes. These glitters are stable up to 180oC. We call this "Medium" Glitter as the particle size is 0.2mm which is not very fine but definitely not large. These glitters can remain suspended in resin without settling (provided the resin has reasonable viscosity) while larger particle size glitters settle much faster. Don't sprinkle glitter onto the surface of resin that has started to cure as the glitter particles will tend to lie flat and thus not sparkle at all viewing angles. Including the glitter into resin while mixing means the particles will have a random orientation in the cured resin thus generating a better sparkle from all viewing angles. 
Use these Durable Glitter powders to survive, heat and chemicals and to never fade. 
These glitters are not tested or approved for cosmetic applications. 

General Point on Glitter Quality

Various qualities of Glitter Powder are manufactured that vary significantly in price. 
  • Low Cost Glitters are sometimes called "Arts and Crafts Glitters". The colours of cheap glitters fade in sunlight and wash-off when subject to any solvent chemicals. The brilliance and reflection of low cost glitters is often not very good. 
  • Durable Glitters are sometimes called "Industrial Glitters". They may initially look the same as Arts & Crafts Glitters but on closer inspection one can see they have higher brilliance and reflection. These Glitters don't fade so can be used outdoors and they are chemical and heat resistant. This enables them to be used in water, and solvent based substances as well as in resins. Stable up to 180oC.  This is the type of glitter that we sell here.
  • Cosmetic Glitters. These are specifically tested and approved for skin contact. Although we use these in some of our cosmetic products we do not sell cosmetic glitters.

This glitter range is perfect for use in resins and in high quality arts & crafts where long-term durability is required. Cheaper glitters are not durable so although cheap glitters are fine for school projects and temporary applications you should use these glitter powders for better sparkle and for permanent results. 

Keep out of reach of children and avoid breathing glitter dust

All our products should be kept out of reach of children under 5 years and anybody who may tend to place items or liquids in their mouths should be supervised. Even packing can become a choking hazard.
Avoid breathing glitter dust that may be generated. 
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