Metallic Paints - For Normal Applications

These Metallic Paints are perfect for most applications. Suitable for all applications that normal acrylic paints can be used for. 
Pure Acrylics for Interior and Exterior applications. 
Perfect for interior & exterior feature walls, exterior house highlights, kitchen cupboards, doors, pillars, roof domes, plant pots, garden furniture, hotel foyers, movie & theater sets, arts & crafts, many fabrics and general décor.
(If you want to paint directly onto surfaces such as plastics, wall tiles or non-corroding metals then use paints from our Super Adhesion Metallic Paint Range.)
21 Strong metallic colours with high metallic lustre.
10 Soft Pastel Metallics that give a pearl finish. 
4 Interference Metallic Paints. These differ as their colour depends on the colour underneath them. They are usually painted over black. 
If you intend to use Metallic Paints for Acrylic Pouring Art then you should mix them with our Metallic Paint Flow Control which is a pouring medium specifically formulated to give Metallic Paints the correct flow for acrylic pouring techniques. 

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