Pearlescent Powders

  • Mica pigments for metallic hue and lustre.
  • Perfect for use in arts, crafts & resin art.
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Pearlescent Pigments

Coated Mica Pearlescent Pigments that can be used in a wide variety of arts & crafts. Widely used in resins, they impart a beautiful metallic hue & lustre. 

If you are looking to create special effects then pearlescent pigments may be just what you need. They look best when added into totally clear mediums such as resins. Many people ask us if they can add them into paint. In any normal paint the effect will be dull due to the opaque nature of paints and the fact that final dry paint films are very thin. As paints are applied only in a thin film, only true metallic pigments such as aluminium pigments give sufficient hiding power and lustre to give a good effect. We sell two grades of Aluminium Pigments (see Metallic Pigments).  

The basic difference between pearlescent powders, metallic powders and glitter powders

Glitter powders are usually of larger particle size. They are cut out of a large sheet and all particles are almost the same size. Modern glitter is usually manufactured from plastic and is rarely recycled leading to calls from scientists for plastic glitter to be banned.

Metallic powders are fine particles of actual metal. We sell two grades of Aluminium Metallic Powder and both give excellent hiding power and an excellent shiny metallic effect. We use these in all our Metallic Paints to get high hiding power. 

Pearlescent powders tend to be more transparent than glitter and metallic powders. They are made by coating small plate shaped particles of mica, synthetic mica or glass with various compounds. When the coating includes metal oxides some people call them 'metallic powders' which can make things a bit confusing as they are not metallic powders. All our pigments in this section are based on coated mica. A superior (but extremely expensive) type of pearlescent pigment is based on coated glass. We offer a coarse Gold and Silver pearlescent glass pigments. which you will find in a product called "Cosmetic Diamond Powders". Although these are certified for cosmetics they are also wonderful to create sparkle in resin and general arts & crafts. 

What is an Interference Pigment?

Interference Pigments get their colour by "interfering" with light. They change the speed and wavelength of light that passes through them thus changing its colour. All Pearlescent Pigments do this to some degree but we only assign "Interference" to the name of a particular blue pigment. The powder looks white when in a pile but the almost transparent blue colour it generates gives beautiful delicate effects. As the powder looks white we smeared some onto a teaspoon to show the beautiful blue pearl effect that it creates. While other pigments give a higher percent of reflected light, our Interference Blue pigment does not reflect much light (almost all light passes through it) giving it a more transparent nature.

Particle Size

To keep things simple we used terms like fine, medium and coarse to describe the particle size of the various powders that we sell.
Ultra-Fine: 5-25 microns
Fine: 25-75 microns
Medium: 50-100 microns
Coarse: 75-200 microns
(The overlap in the values is because these pigments all contain a rage of particle sizes so a narrow definition of size is not possible.)
These are not cosmetic powders
These are not cosmetically certified powders. As such they should not be used in cosmetic products.
Please see our product called 'Pearlescent Cosmetic Powders' if you are making a product for skin contact.
Potential for dust generation
Care should be taken not to breathe the dust of any pigment powders (careful handling will reduce dust generation). Use a fabric dust mask that you can buy at any hardware store. If handling larger quantities (more than normal arts and crafts requirements) then a dust extraction system is required. 
Keep out of reach of children
All our products should be kept out of reach of children under 5 years and anybody who may tend to place items or liquids in their mouths should be supervised. Even packing can become a choking hazard.
Aluminium Bright Silver Pigment - Medium
Aluminium Deep Silver Paste - Fine
Interference Blue - Fine
Malachite - Fine
Silver Sparkle - Coarse
Silver - Medium
Silver - Fine
Bright Gold - Fine
Bronze - Fine
Amber Gold - Fine
Emerald - Fine
Rufous - Ultra Fine

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