Some of our products are hard to visualise only from photos so we are creating a series of videos to showcase them and to explain how they work. 
Select videos from the links below or Visit our YouTube Channel: Visit
Resin Art:
  • Resin art made with a variety of our products, most notably Malachite Pearlescent Pigment. Watch
  • Four resin art pieces that incorporate a variety of our products. The products used are named and their effects are explained. Watch
  • Pearlescent Pigments. This video shows our Pearlescent Pigment colours and explains the difference between Colour and Interference Pearlescent Pigments. Watch
  • A short video specifically demonstrating Interference Pearlescent Pigments in resin art. Watch
  • The colours available in our Allure Liquid Colourant range are shown shown. Facts and user tips are provided. Watch
  • How to create a sparkle in resin: Watch
  • Beautiful Resin Tray made with Colour Shift Pigments: Watch
  • Resin Art Beach to Ocean with Bastion Paint’s Peal Pigments: Watch


Special Effect Paints:

  • Colour Transition Paints (see the beautiful colour changes that take place): Watch
  • Colour Transition Silver Green to Burgungdy (short Face Book video by artist Yulia Glas): Watch
  • Thermochromic Paints: Watch
  • Crystal Sparkle Paint - Silver (short Face Book video by artist Yulia Glas): Watch