Bulk Discounts

Revision 13 December 2019​


Bulk Discounts

Our standard pricing structure includes bulk discounts that are automatically applied whether you buy from our online shop or via our Sales Office. At the time of writing these discounts are 10% discount for orders of R1600 and over and 18% discount for orders of R5000 and over (including VAT). These discounts are not applied on a per item basis but are based on your total purchase which allows you to get discounts while purchasing a small quantity of a wide variety of items. Discounts are shown as a single line item in your Cart, Order Confirmation and Tax Invoice or Commercial Invoice. 

As you add items to your cart in our online shop a pop-up will appear informing you of any discount you have and how much more you need to order in order to qualify for the next discount level. 

If your order qualifies for a bulk discount and you also have a discount code (also called a voucher or coupon) then you can still use your discount coupon when you checkout as both discounts will be added together and applied to your order

Super-Bulk Discounts
Super-Bulk Discounts are available on some Body Paint items but are only applicable to large events (typically 1000 plus people):

If you are arranging a large event and think you may qualify for Super-Bulk discounts then please contact our Sales Office before ordering online. Email Sales@bastionpaint.co.za or call +27 32 525 4491.

Super-Bulk Discounts are available on the following items:

  • 30ml Body Paints: 1000 units and over (you can mix types and colours)
  • 100ml Body Paints: 500 units and over (you can mix types and colours)
  • 5 litre Body Paints: 8 units and over (you can mix types and colours)
  • 20 litre Body Paints: 2 units and over (you can mix types and colours)