Holographic Glitter

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  • Glitter that changes through many sparkling colours as viewing angle changes.
  • Suitable for use in resins and for permanent exterior applications.
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Holographic glitter

Glitter Powder that changes sparkle colour with any movement. Sparkle changes between Gold, Silver, Red, Green, Blue, Gold and in-between colours. The glitter has an overall silver appearance but generates a multi-colour sparkle effect.

Fine Holographic Glitter

  • Particle size is 0.1mm.
  • Hexagonal cut (but particles are too small see to their individual shape).
  • High quality, chemical resistant, UV resistant (non-fading), heat resistant glitter used to create a truly unique appearance. Its heat resistant and chemical resistant properties make it suitable for industrial & automotive applications.

XL to XXL Holographic Glitter

  • Flake size ranges 1mm to 5mm (sizes are always mixed). 
  • Individual flake shapes are stars, circles and hexagons (shapes are always mixed).
  • UV resistant (non-fading) glitter that is suitable for use in resins and for general arts and crafts. 

Video: This video shows our Fine Holographic Glitter in Resin Coasters. 


10g unit is about 20ml volume. 50g unit is about 100ml volume.

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