Neon UV Fabric Paints

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  • Iron-on Bright Neon Paints that Glow vividly in UV Light.
  • The fabric can be worn or washed immediately.
  • Use on white fabric.
  • Note that Red glows an orange colour under UV light
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Bright Neon Fabric Paints that Glow Vividly under UV Light

These paints need to be applied to white fabric with a paint brush and then ironed over while still wet.


Bright Neon Fabric Paints that glow vividly under UV light. 
These paints get painted with a paint brush onto fabric like normal paints and then ironed over before they dry to melt them into the fabric.
The fabric can be worn or washed immediately.
Use on white fabrics. Darker colours and patterns will show through the paint. 
Not suitable for Lycra, Spandex or other stretch fabrics. 
All the colours glow vividly under UV light but Red glows an orange colour under UV light so under UV it appears almost the same as Orange. 

More information

All our Paints can be painted onto many fabric types and give a durable, washable finish. Many of our paints work best on fabric if thinned first. Thinning with our Airbrush Medium (which has super adhesion properties) gives the best durability. 

These Bright Neon UV Fabric Paints are different as they are specialist Fabric Paints that get ironed over before they are fully dry and this melts the paints into the fabric. Both the pigment and the binder melt. They should not be mixed with any mediums prior to application.

The advantage of these paints is that melting them into the fabric makes the painted fabrics able to be worn and washed immediately.  
The paints only melt once. After subsequent washes they can be ironed over very safety and won’t melt again.
These paints do not have a high hiding power which means they can be regarded as slightly translucent. For this reason they are recommended for painting onto white fabrics. Patterns on the fabric under the paints will tend to be visible through the paints.
If painting coloured fabrics you will need an extra coat or two. Only the first coat can be melted into the fabric (after this the fabric will be sealed). Subsequent coats need to be air dried just like normal paints.
Select the toggle button "Spread Rate and Application" for detailed instructions. 
Keep out of reach of children
All our products should be kept out of reach of children under 5 years and anybody who may tend to place items or liquids in their mouths should be supervised. Even packing can become a choking hazard.
Unit Size
1 Litre

Painting Instructions:

  1. Place a backing fabric underneath the fabric surface being painted as the paint will bleed through. If painting a t-shirt for example, place a backing fabric and newspaper inside the shirt so that the paint does not bleed onto the other side of the shirt.
  2. Paint the fabric normally with a brush. Make sure to apply sufficient paint to get a good coverage. If painting a large area then dampen the fabric with water first to prevent the paint from drying out before it can be ironed.
  3. After painting (or after painting a section) allow the paint to dry a bit but it must still be a little sticky to touch. Then cover the paint with a thin fabric like a piece of sheet. Iron directly over the thin fabric with a medium to hot iron. Iron well but not excessively.
  4. Peel the top piece of fabric off. Some paint will come off with the top fabric but that is normal.
  5. Iron again but this time directly onto the dry paint. Use a medium iron temperature setting. Your art work is now complete and can be immediately worn or washed.
Note that if you are painting a fabric type that that may be sensitive to hot iron temperatures you can use a lowwe iron temperature but you will have to iron for longer.

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