Liquid Colourants for Water-Based Paints

  • Add to water-based paints and easily stir in.
  • Ultra-high concentration. Lightfast (non-fading) pigments.
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Liquid Colourants for Water-Based Paints


About these paint colourants

  • These colourants are all Lightfast Pigments suspended in a liquid carrier medium. They are not dyes and are not used for dying fabric (dyes are dissolved compounds, these are pigments that do not dissolve). 
  • These liquid colourants are fine dispersed pigments that are added into water-based paints to colour them. They are not suitable for addition into oil/solvent based paints and are also not recommended for addition into resins (we have a separate liquid colourant range for resins).
  • These colourants are all Lightfast Pigments suspended in a liquid carrier medium. 
  • Ultra-high concentration. The concentration of each colourant is shown. This is the pigment mass as a % of the total mass of liquid colourant. These are far more concentrated than little bottles of liquid colourants available in hardware stores. As the percentage is calculated from pigment dry mass divided by total colourant mass, it follows that heavy (more dense) pigments generally have a higher % concentration than low density pigments. A lower %, therefore, does not indicate a lower quality. 
  • In paints, the colour will darken as more Liquid Colourant is added. You can only achieve bright or deep colours by adding these Liquid Colourants to a clear base paint and not into a white paint. For example, adding red colourant to white paint will always give pink and not red. 


One Million Colours

A good human eye can distinguish about 1 million colours (although I never measured this myself). Another way to consider this is that when any colour changes by about 1-2% then people can start to notice a difference. Colour measurement is a complex subject on its own that we won't deal with here. 

How to get as many colours as you want when you want

You can obtain thousands of paint colours by mixing existing paint colours together. We offer 25 colours of Pouring Acrylics and 19 colours of Arts, Crafts & Fabric Acrylics. Often, however, it is better to create colours using colourants as opposed to mixing paints together. Our Ultra High Strength White Colourant (Titanium Super White) is especially useful with these paints as they are all strong colours that can be lightened to pastel shades using Titanium Super White.
You can use our liquid colourant range to make almost any colour from untinted paint such as our Clear Base Medium or to adjust any colour you may already have. 
You can put these colourants into almost any water-based paint or varnish.


  • Easily incorporated into water-based paint by stirring or mixing. They are easier to incorporate than dry powder colourants.
  • All are highly Lightfast (non-fading) and thus suitable for exterior use.
  • The Titanium Super White is very useful as colours can be lightened and hiding power (opacity) can be increased with it. 
  • Paint viscosity (thickness) will drop somewhat when the liquid colourants are added so bear this in mind.

Accuracy and Repeatability

Batch to batch strength and hue variation of our Liquid Colourants is less than 2% from the standard which makes colouring very repeatable. 


Handling and Storage - Important Notes

Store containers sealed in a cool area.
We supply these Liquid Colourants in small dropper bottles. Shake before use. Shake well after long periods of storage. 
Keep out of reach of children
All our products should be kept out of reach of children under 5 years and anybody who may tend to place items or liquids in their mouths should be supervised. Even packing can become a choking hazard. These Liquid Colorants are very strong so a child could really make a big mess! Do not ingest these colourants.

Unit Size
Titanium Super White (70%)
Carbon Black (10%)
Carbon Black (30%)
Yellow Oxide (60%)
Azo Yellow (37%)
Bismuth Yellow (60%)
Red Oxide (70%)
Pyrrol Red (50%)
Bright Red
Phthalo Blue (49%)
Phthalo Green (45%)
Orange Oxide (54%)
Pyrrol Orange (35%)
Maroon Oxide (65%)
Quinacridone Magenta (25%)
Quinacridone Maroon (20%)
Dioxazine Violet (40%)
Raw Umber
Ultra High Strength Magenta
Ultra High Strength White (XWK)
Ultra High Strength White
Phthalo Green (11%)
Unit Size

No information available

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