Wholesale Supply



Bastion Paint only offers Wholesale Pricing to physical shops that stock our products. The basic requirement to receive wholesale pricing is that the business must be registered, must have an existing physical (walk-in) shop and orders must be for a variety of products that are kept in stock. We must be able to refer customers to your shop to buy various of our products. Bastion Paint has the sole discretion in approval of wholesale pricing. Orders of one of each item, for example, are not regarded as "keeping stock" as these are probably for personal use. 

Retailers will be requested to provide certain information that we will verify before Wholesale Pricing is approved. Delivery will be to the address of the physical shop that we have verified. 

Reputable retailers that we have dealt with for a few months can complete our Credit Application and apply for a 30-day account.

Wholesale customers should send orders to our Sales Office and should not place their orders via our online shop. If orders are placed in our online shop then allow us time to apply the wholesale pricing before making payment. 

An additional benefit to retailers is that orders over R1500 (excluding VAT) will receive free delivery. We do not offer free delivery to direct customers. 

Only our paints (which are the items we manufacture ourselves) have a specifically listed wholesale price. In certain cases retailers may be given an additional discount over and above the wholesale price. 

Not all our products are packaged for off the shelf retail and not all carry barcodes. For this reason only certain products appear in our Wholesale Price List and items in our Wholesale Price List are barcode and are suitably packaged for retail. Shops that purchase other items (items not in our Wholesale Price List) will be charged our normal price for them. If we have approved a discount over and above wholesale pricing then this discount will apply to the entire order whether of not the ordered items have a separate wholesale price. 

To apply for wholesale pricing please email your shop details to sales@bastionpaint.co.za.