Terms & Conditions

Revision: 07 November 2022

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The following Terms and Conditions apply to all users of this online shop (bastionpaint.co.za) as well as to any person or organisation that sends us their details in order for us to register and/or place their order for them.


Product Information and Correct Use of Products Purchased

Information on each product that you purchase is contained on each product page. Essential information also appears on the labels of most products.
You can always contact our office for advice or to have specific instructions emailed to you. 
Bastion Paint is not responsible for any consequences resulting from the use or application of our products that is outside of their recommended use or application.

Limit of Liability

In the unlikely event that users of this website or other customers are not satisfied with any product purchased then our Returns Policy applies. The limit of our liability is the value of the purchase and Bastion Paint will not be held liable for and will not compensate consequential losses that may arise through ordering or using our products.

Application of Permanent Paints

Surfaces must be correctly prepared and primed to achieve maximum paint durability. Users must take the correct preparation and priming steps failing which Bastion Paint will take no responsibility for any reduced life of any paint products. Information on preparation and priming is contained in this website (in some product pages and in the Technical Page). If you are unsure then please contact us for advice (sales@bastionpaint.co.za or +32 525 4491).

The use of Epoxy Resins

The resins we supply are technical products and users must make themselves familiar with instructions prior to working with the products and must adhere to the instructions. Instructions do not appear on the containers but can be downloaded from every resin product page and from the Technical Page of this website. Instructions will be emailed on request and a hard copy is sent out with each resin purchase.

Safety and Health

Permanent Paints, Paint Mediums and Additives

  • Use our paints in ventilated areas.
  • Avoid eye contact and excessive skin contact.
  • Do not ingest our products. (Only our Food Colourants can be ingested when correctly used.)
  • Keep out of reach of children or people who may try to place our products in their mouths.

Body Paints

  • Do not ingest any of our Body Paints. Do not apply them on lips.
  • Some Body Paints can stain fabrics and other porous surfaces.
  • Keep out of reach of children or people who may try to place our products in their mouths.

Epoxy Resins

  • Detailed safety and health guidelines are available for every resin product and are included in a hard copy of instructions that is distributed with each resin purchase. If you lose these or don't receive them then ask our office to email them or download them yourself from this website. The safety and health instructions include the use of PPE, the dangers of overheating if resin is used incorrectly, the possibility of allergies, the dangers of fumes and of dust when sanding and other important points. 
  • The purchaser agrees to read and adhere to these instructions.

Pigments, Powders, Stones, Crystals etc.

  • Do not breathe the dust of any powder products. Use a fabric face mask (available at most hardware stores) when handling dusty powders. If using any pigments or powders in quantities exceeding normal arts & crafts levels then please request an MSDS from us. When powder products are used in larger quantities then mechanical dust extraction will often be required. 
  • Keep out of reach of children or people who may try to place our products in their mouths.

Cosmetic Pigments

  • Only certain of our pigments are approved for cosmetic applications. Avoid skin contact applications of non-cosmetic products.
  • Cosmetic products have limits of application, in particular not all cosmetic pigments are suitable for eye and lip cosmetics. 
  • Some cosmetic products are only suitable for nail applications and these should not be used in products applied to other areas of skin. 
  • Purchasers using our cosmetic products must familiarise themselves with suitable applications for each product and with applicable legislation.

Water Soluble Food Colourants

  • Purchasers must be aware that the use of food colourants is governed by legislation. This legislation includes the food types in which various colourants can or can't be used and maximum usage concentrations. Users of our food colourants agree to adhere to applicable legislation.
  • Bastion Paint provides basic usage guidelines and a summary of critical legislation. Purchasers agree to read the information provided on this website and to read, understand and adhere to all applicable legislation. 
  • Not all our food colourants are approved for use in both the USA and EU but all are approved for use in at least one of the USA and EU. Only use food colourants approved for use in the country that your products will be sold or used in.

Bastion Paint Policies and Methods

You purchase our products agreeing to our policies and methods stated in this website. These policies are contained in the following website pages (see menu at bottom of each page).

  • Privacy, Security of Information and POPI Act
  • Payment Information
  • Delivery Information
  • Returns Policy


Office: 032 525 4491
Website: bastionpaint.co.za