Turbo Cell

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  • Potent Cell Former for Acrylic Pouring Art. Guaranteed Cells.
  • Creates Lacing and Cells in Resin Art
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Turbo Cell in Resin Art

Use 1 drop in 50ml of one colour resin poured over another colour. Cells and fine "cotton" lacing form. 
Video showing how Turbo Cell creates lacing and cells in resin art: 
Turbo Cell in Acrylic Pouring Art

Potent Cell Former / Guaranteed Cells / Large Cells / Cells inside cells inside other cells / Feather Streaks / Hollow Spheres / Distinctly colored cell walls........... You'll get them all.

Surpass your expectations and imagination.

Turbo Cell significantly surpasses the cell forming ability of benchmark silicone in Acrylic Pouring Art. Amazing Cells are guaranteed. 

Cells form immediately. As normal, torching immediately after pouring is very useful to get rid of air bubbles but note that the cells formed when using our Flow Control and Turbo Cell are stable and torching in not required to make cell appear or to freeze them into place. 

Use very little

If you are used to adding multiple drops of your current cell former then get this out your head when using Turbo Cell. You can probably replace 4 drops of your existing silicone with one drop of Turbo Cell and still get more cells. Although Turbo Cell is supplied in a dropper bottle, in many cases 1 drop per color will be too much. Of course the amount you need depends on the size of your pour but for smallish pours we suggest that you only add one drop in half of the colors that you are using. If you want an explosive result then add a full drop to each color of your pour but you may simply find that cell formation is just too extreme. Turbo Cell is an awesome tool that opens a doorway of opportunities but Acrylic Pouring is an Art and as such we can't tell you exactly how much to use in each case.

We supply three Cell Forming products, two of which we manufacture ourselves.
100% Silicone Oil
For traditional cell forming chemistry.
A potent cell forming product that uses two mechanisms for cell formation.
Potent Cell Former / Guaranteed Cells / Large Cells / Cells inside cells inside other cells / Distinct colored cell walls / Feather Streaks / Hollow Spheres........... You'll get them all.
Surpass your expectations and imagination.
We recommend Turbo Cell for most applications but if you require a non-oily cell former then we do manufacture an alternative to Turbo Cell. Turbo Cell is highly economical as you require only about a quarter of the amount of other cell forming chemicals. 
Non-oily Cell Former
Gives unique benefits of generating Cells in Acrylic Pouring Art with non-oily chemistry. Our Non-oily Cell Former is a bit more sensitive to the way you use it but if you require the benefits of not adding an oily substance then this is the product for you.

Should I use both Bastion Paint Flow Control Medium and Turbo Cell or just a normal Pouring Medium?

While most cell forming additives rely on an oil (usually silicone) to create cells, our Turbo Cell and Flow Control Medium bring other chemistries into the mix. We can't give too much away but we can say that our Flow Control Medium contains liquid waxes and that the interactions between Turbo Cell and the waxes in our Flow Control Medium create a totally new set of interactions which work along-side the traditional ones to create unique cell effects that are not normally observed. An example of this can be seen as many tiny hollow cells that sometimes form evenly spaced within larger cells. Many other cell effects also result.   

Of course you should use our Flow Control Medium anyway as it gives the highest gloss finish of all Pouring Mediums we have tested. This high gloss together with proprietary surfactants make the paint colors more vivid in the final dry artwork.

If you want to do a pour and peel technique to create skins then our Flow Control Medium is great as the super rubbery cohesion that it creates makes it possible to pull the entire dry pour off plastic with no damage to the dry pour at all. For this technique pour onto plastic instead of onto canvas, mdf board etc. 

Keep out of reach of children and prevent eye contact

It is very important to avoid eye-contact with all our Cell Forming products. Permanent eye damage can result from direct eye contact. Dropper bottles may be confused for eye-drop bottles so keep your art products separate from you medical products. In the event of eye contact wash eyes with running water continually and seek medical advice. These products do not harm skin but to prevent unknown effects of absorption through the skin it is better to avoid significant, prolonged and repeat skin contact.

All our products should be kept out of reach of children under 5 years and anybody who may tend to place items or liquids in their mouths should be supervised. Even packing can become a choking hazard.

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