Epoxy Resin Systems

If you are new to resin work be aware that good preparation and mixing are critical.
Adhere to all instructions and start small. 
Working with resin is addictive. We accept no responsibility for behavioural changes that will result. 
Which Epoxy Resin should I use?
Counter Top Epoxy Resin: Bar counters, resin art on flat surfaces, encapsulating objects. Maximum thickness of any layer is 3mm. 
Counter Top and Shallow Casting Epoxy Resin: Jewellery, coasters and shallow mould castings up to 5mm thick, resin art on flat surfaces, bar counters and even kitchen counters.
Economy Shallow Casting Epoxy Resin: Not UV stabilised so always pigmented. Used in resin art and coloured castings in layers of 1-10mm thick.
Medium Casting Epoxy Resin: Moulds and river tables which require casting in layers of 5mm to 20mm thick.
Medium to Deep Casting Epoxy Resin: For casting in layers of 10mm to 50mm thick. (30-50mm requires different mix ratio than 10-30mm.)
Deep Casting Epoxy Resin: Moulds and river tables which require casting in layers of 20mm to 80m thick (even 100ml in cool weather).
XTC-3D Brush-On Coating: Brush onto 3D printed objects, resin castings and many other surfaces to create a smooth, glossy finish.
You can start out with one of our Starter Packs. They contain all you need to gain experience with resin, colour and resin effects. 

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