XTC-3D Brush-On Coating

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  • Brush on resin that can be applied to many surfaces to create a smooth glossy finish.
  • Fast curing. Apply as a clear coat, add colourants or sand and paint.
  • Very useful to finish 3D printed items.
181g (166ml)
644g (591ml)
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XTC-3D Brush On Coating
Smoothens and adds gloss to many surface types.
  • Net weight of 181g or 166ml. This will cover approximately 0.4 mwith coat thickness of 0.4mm
  • Net weight of 644g or 591ml. This will cover approximately 1.5 mwith coat thickness of 0.4mm
Significantly reduces the normal finishing time required to obtain a smooth glossy finish. 
Very useful to finish 3D printed parts. Fills 3D printer striations and can replace almost all other post finishing steps. It can be applied to both SLS and SLA prints.
Can be brushed onto epoxy resin that has been removed from a mould to give a glossy finish.
It works with PLA, ABS, Laywoo, Powder Printed Parts and other rigid media such as EPS, EPDM and urethane foam as well as wood, plaster, fabric, cardboard and paper.
Not suitable for large surfaces due to the fast curing time (the resin may start to cure before application has been completed).
We recommend that you watch a 1 minute video on the manufacturers website as this shows how simple it is to use: https://www.smooth-on.com/products/xtc-3d
A lot more information is available on this webpage. Detailed directions are contained each pack. 
Brush, mixing container, stir stick and instructions are included in each pack. 
  • Only somewhat UV resistant so it is best to use it for indoor applications over coloured surfaces. 
  • Not recommended as a clear coat over art due its tendency to discolour. 
  • Only suitable for applications where temperatures will not exceed 60oC.
Mix Part A and B in the following ratio:
  • By Volume: 2A : 1B
  • By Mass: 100A : 42B
Mix thoroughly for 2 minutes. You can apply it as a clear coat or mix in any of our pigment powders or liquid colourants that are suitable for resin (as normal, don't add more than 6% pigment or colourant to the mix). 
After mixing you have approximately 10 minutes to apply the coating. Apply with a brush.
Sanding rough objects before coating is recommended and will give a good result with just a single coat. Expect about 4 hours curing time. If you want to paint the coating, sand it to a lower gloss finish and paint. 
After application the coating will self-level without running. 
The brush supplied and recommended for application is a foam brush. Extra foam brushes are easy to purchase and very cheap. 
Health and Safety
Corrosive Liquid. Irritant to eyes, skin and respiratory tract. Use only in adequately ventilated areas. For regular use or use in larger quantities a respirator should be used. Safety instructions are included in each pack. 
Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. 
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181g (166ml)
644g (591ml)
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