Paint Glitter for Water Based Paints

Paint Glitter - Magic Silver

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  • Add to any colour water based paint and by magic the glitter sparkles once the paint has dried.
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Paint Glitter: Magic Silver


How Paint Glitter differs from normal glitter

Add this glitter to water based paints of any colour and by magic the glitter appears on the dry paint surface to create a sparkle effect not possible with normal glitters.

There are many reasons why normal glitter does not work in paint. In coloured paint glitter gets coated with paint and disappears. In clear paints, glitter lies flat in the thin paint film and looks like dirt specs from some angles. Nobody wants their feature wall your wall looking dirty from som angles. 

Previously our only answer to this has been to paint a coat of our clear Crystal Sparkle Paint over the colour you want your wall or other surface. Crystal Sparkle Paint works really well and as the tiny crystals inside the paint are transparent and thus never appear as dirt specs. But now we have a glitter that you can add to any colour of water based paint before painting. We say the sparkle appears "by magic" but actually it's "by chemistry". While normal glitter powders (even the best) get swallowed up by coloured paint and disappear, this glitter forces its way to the surface where it creates the required sparkle. 

Properties of this Paint Glitter

This glitter looks like normal glitter but don't be fooled, it is chemically very different to all other glitter powders.
Suitable for interior and exterior applications. 
The glitter particles are small (0.1mm) so don't expect large glitter chunks.
Add as much as you want (usually 10 - 50g per litre of paint). 
The small particle size creates tiny sparkling specs but lots of them.


  • Only mix this glitter into your top coat paint, It will be wasted in your first coat of paint.
  • Mix the glitter in by simply stirring the paint as you normally would before use. Stir the paint each time before use as the glitter will settle in thinner paints.
  • Apply your paint as normal with a brush or roller.
  • The glitter will not be visible in wet paint but as the paint dries you will suddenly see, as if by magic, the glitter appear on the surface and sparkles.
  • Once the paint has fully dried (best to wait an hour or two extra after it feels fully dry) move a rough sponge over the paint to expose more glitter that has a little head of un-bonded paint covering its surface, This step will increase the visible sparkle by 3 to 4 times so needs to be done. You do not need to rub hard. 
  • Unused paint with glitter mixed in can be stored for some time (up to 2 months) after which the glitter sparkle will start to reduce. 

How much glitter to add to your paint

Add as much as you like. Here are some guidelines:

  • 1g glitter per 100ml paint (or 10g glitter per litre of paint) gives an elegant subtle sparkle effect.
  • 5g glitter per 100ml paint (or 50g glitter per litre of paint) gives a strong sparkle effect.

Note that the effect is not the same as techniques where chunky glitter is thrown onto wet paint to cover most of the surface. This glitter is fine and cannot cover the majority of the surface.

The importance of lighting

A sparkle effect is only possibly when light hits the surface directly. Sparkle is very easy to obtain on horizontal surfaces when light shines from above (normal). Vertical walls opposite windows tend to sparkle during the day due to light entering the window. It is only possible to get a good sparkle on the ceiling if you have a light shining upwards. You can see if your lighting is adequate by sticking any glitter onto a sheet of paper and sticking that to the wall. If that glitter sparkles then our Paint Glitter will sparkle too. 

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