Medium Acrylic Gel

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  • Pure Acrylic Gel for impasto techniques.
  • Extends heavy body acrylics and thickens soft body acrylics.
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Medium Acrylic Gel

Primary Function:

Used to create raised features and for impasto techniques in acrylic art. Applied with a brush or pallet knife. 
  • A good degree of detail in texture is possible and even fairly sharp points can be created without the gel levelling.
  • Used for impasto techniques and then painted over with soft to medium body acrylics. 

Other Functions:

Extends heavy body acrylic paints and thickens soft body acrylic paints.
A base into which pigments or liquid colourants can be added to create desired effects.

Properties and Directions:

A pure acrylic gel.
Apply with brush or pallet knife.
If used as a paint extender or paint thickener it has a fairly low impact on dry paint colour as it is free from pigments and extenders.
Thin films dry transparent, thick films dry opaque off-white.
Easy to paint over with soft to medium body acrylics.
The highly thixotropic nature of the gel allows it to be shaped but it still feels light and spreads easily. The dry gel is quite flexible which is very different to a modelling gel that dries hard and can be sanded. This gel feels rubbery when dry and cannot be sanded. 
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