Primers and Topcoats

Clear Top Coat
Apply over Acrylic Paints to protect them with a hard durable top coat. Used to create a durable, easy to clean gloss or matt finish.
Can be used to seal porous concrete surfaces. Clear Top Coat Gloss can also be used as a glazecoat on face brick. 
Primer & Sealer
Used to prepare art substrates for painting.
Primes plastics, vinyl, melamine and wall tiles. Seals art canvas and wood for painting with acrylics. 
Crystal Sparkle Topcoats
Apply onto surfaces to give a clear, glossy finish with a subtle sparkle. 
Suitable topcoat for substrates ranging from walls to acrylic art. Super Adhesion technology so can also be applied directly onto plastic, wall tiles and many other surfaces. 
Countertop & Art Coating Epoxy Resin
This product appears under Resins in our website but we put it here too because epoxy resin is always a topcoat option over acrylic art for a glass-like finish. 

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