Aluminium Silver Paint

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  • This paint contains only real aluminium metal pigments.
  • Painted surfaces look like aluminium metal and the paint also imparts an attractive shimmer.
  • Highly durable for interior and exterior applications.
  • Super Adhesion paint that can be applied directly to masonry, canvas, plastics, melamine, resins, wall tiles, non-corroding metals, ridged rubbers, most fabrics and interior wood.
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Aluminium Silver Paint

The only pigment in this paint is real aluminium powder. This creates a metallic aluminium finish with an attractive shimmer. 

About this paint

Highly durable paint for interior and exterior applications. 
Hard, durable, stain resistant and easy to clean with a glossy, shimmering finish (the shimmer effect is dependent on the angle of light). 
Being a water based paint it can be used on polystyrene cornices. It is also wonderful on plant pots, picture frames hand rails, balustrades, cupboard doors and can even be used to transform a cheap plastic table into an aluminium table. In the photos you will see polystyrene cornices, a wooden mirror frame, old wooden banisters and a cheap plastic table all painted with this Aluminium Silver Paint. 
For normal applications this paint is too glossy for feature wall applications. Higher gloss paints are more difficult to paint with as surface defects, roller defects and application defects show up very clearly when using glossy paints. Use our normal Metallic Paints, Bright Silver or Deep Silver, for feature walls. 
This is one of very few water based aluminum paints manufactured worldwide because fine aluminium powder is actually explosive when placed in water. To get around this, each aluminium powder particle is coated to make it stable in a water based paint. 
Enjoy the environmental and health benefits of using water-based metallic paints.

How our Aluminium Silver Paint differs from our standard Silver Metallic Paints

We also manufacture two other Metallic Silver Paints (see Bright Silver and Deep Silver under our Metallic Paint range). They also contain real Aluminium Pigment but other pigment types as well. This Aluminium Paint only contains real aluminium pigment and is thus more glossy and gives surfaces a real aluminium finish. 
This paint is very expensive to manufacture but for art or features that require something extra special then this may be just what you need. 

Super Adhesion Technology

Pure acrylic paint with Super Adhesion Technology. This paint can be applied directly to masonry, plastics*, melamine, resins, wall tiles**, non-corroding metals***, ridged rubbers, fabrics and interior wood.
  • *Lightly sand plastics and resin with a fine sandpaper before painting to enhance adhesion.
  • **Do not use on high gloss wall tiles.
  • **Non corroding metals include aluminium, galvanised steel, stainless steel copper, bronze and brass. 


Surface Preparation

As with any normal paint, surfaces should be clean, grease free and free of rust. Surfaces must not have a flaking or powdery nature or damp problems from below the surface.
Due to Super Adhesion Technology this paint can be used on many surface types without the need for a primer but take note of the following:
  • Prior to applying this paint directly onto plastics or resins, lightly sand the plastic or resin surface with a fine grit sandpaper then wash with soap and water. 
  • Galvanised steel should be cleaned with galvanised iron cleaner first.
  • This paint can be used on certain leathers but correct preparation and thinning of paint is important.
  • Apply a Universal Undercoat product to surfaces that have previously been painted with oil based paints or varnishes. 
For details see our document called 'Preparation and Priming' available in the technical section of this website.

What you need to know about application

If Painting feature walls, large surfaces, very smooth surfaces or spraying our Metallic Paints then it is essential you read our document, "How to Paint with Metallic Paints". This paint cannot be used in the same way that normal paints are used so some knowledge is necessary and even practice is recommended. You can download this document from this web page, from the Technical section of this website or we can email it to you. 

Our document, "How to Paint with Metallic Paints" covers both painting with brush & roller and spraying. Below is only a summary of important points. 
The important points when using a brush and roller are the following:
  • Keep a wet edge (critical for large surfaces).
  • Thin the paint a little if the surface is smooth and you don't want to see too many brush or roller marks. Thinning should be done with our Acrylic Spray Medium as this medium has the same Super Adhesion properties as this paint. 
  • Use correct roller movements.
  • Use excellent quality rollers.

Always start on one side or corner (not in the middle) and keep a wet edge. To assist keeping a wet edge do not paint in conditions that speed up paint drying. Don't paint in direct sunlight or in a breeze and apply primer or undercoat to porous surfaces to avoid absorption. When painting large surfaces such as walls, a second painter is necessary to do the cutting-in and the person with the roller must go over as much of the cut-in area as possible while it is still wet.

Roller movements should be up and down or left to right but not both and not diagonal or haphazard. A second painter is also useful to assist moving the ladder so that the next area can be painted before the pervious area dries too much. The final roller motion in each painted area should always be in the same direction e.g. down. 

Sticky rollers may cause slippage. Off-balance rollers will leave the appearance of barring in the dry paint. Use new, good quality rollers and soft brushes. 

The important points when air spraying are the following:

  • Thin the paint to increase its flow. Thinning with our Acrylic Spray Medium gives the best results. 
  • Remove the in-line spay gun filter if necessary.
  • Use the correct spray gun nozzle size.

Our Acrylic Spray Medium is perfect for spay applications that require paint with a very high flow. This Medium dramatically thins the paint for spraying without any detrimental effects. 

Spray guns that connect to a compressor and operate at high pressure (e.g. 5 bar): If you dilute the paint with 14% water or Acrylic Spray Medium and use a nozzle with about 1.8mm dimeter then you should be successful. 

Spay guns that have their own air generation unit built in usually operate at low pressure (e.g. 0.1-0.2 bar): They may not work with this paint but read our document "How to Paint with Metallic Paints".

Appearance can be influenced by the light

The appearance of metallic paints can change as the viewing angle changes and as lighting changes. 

Keep out of reach of children
All our products should be kept out of reach of children under 5 years and anybody who may tend to place items or liquids in their mouths should be supervised. Even packing can become a choking hazard. 
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Unit Size
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