Resin Art Glass

  • Bits of clear glass to create thick, heavy texture and raised areas in resin art.
  • Generally safe to handle but use gloves as a precaution. Average dimension is about 5mm.
100g R 8.00
400g R 16.00
1kg R 32.00

Resin Art Glass

These chunks of clear glass vary in size but the size range is not large (as per picture). Their general surface shape is square or rectangular (3-7mm) with thickness of about 3mm. These large glass pieces are used to create 3-D resin art with raised areas (or islands) of up to a few centimeters from the base. Crystals can be embedded into the glass pointing upward to create crystal spires. 

Add the glass to mixed resin and stir briefly. Use a spoon or spatula to apply the glass resin mix. 
  • The glass is clear and it does generate some sparkle effect on its own but for a high sparkle, glitter or Pearlescent Diamond Pigment can also be added to the resin.
  • By adding any of our Pearlescent Pigments or Allure Colourants to the resin, beautiful coloured and metallic glass effects can be achieved. 

Generally safe to handle but use gloves as a precaution.

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