Concentrated Surfactant for Marbling

Concentrated Surfactant for Marbling

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  • Add to marbling paints to increase their spreading tendency on the Marbling Gel Bath.
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How to Marble

Please go to the Technical Page of this website (See Main Menu on top) and download/read the document called "Beginners Guide to Marbling". Alternatively you can contact us and we will email the information that you require.  


If added to paint this Concentrated Surfactant will increases the spread of acrylic paints that are dripped onto the Marbling Gel. 

This surfactant will also thin the paint (reduce viscosity) as a side effect but its main action is to increase spreading though chemical means.

Use only a very small amount. 4ml Surfactant per litre of paint will make a noticeable difference (that is only 0.4ml per 100ml paint).
We suggest that you add only one drop from the dropper bottle to your paint and then test the spread. 
The surfactant will stir into the paint very easily.
Do not use this as your primary method of thinning the paint as the paint will overspread if you do. 
Optimisation suggestion:
Identify the paints that you want to to have a higher spread.
Dilute them with water but only with about half the water you would normally use. 
Add a small amount of Concentrated Surfactant (3-4ml per litre of paint). As you will not be using the paint in litre quantities just add one drop from the dropper bottle to the paint that will be used and then see if the spread rate has improved adequately. 
Add more water if required to get to the normal flow that you prefer.
Add extra surfactant if the spreading still needs to be increase further. 
One other application
If this Surfactant is added into the marbling bath Gel (instead of adding it to the paint) then it will decrease the spread of all the paints that are dripped onto the surface. In other words the effect will be opposite to the effect you will get from adding it to the paint. 

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