Gel Powder for Marbling

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  • Mix with water to make Marbling Gel for Western Marbling Art.
65g (makes 10 Litres)
650g (makes 100 Litres)
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Gel Powder for Marbling

This is used for Western Marbling Art which uses water based acrylic paints floated on a water based gel bath. This differs from Ebru Marbling which uses oil based paints

Marbling Overview

Western Marbling Art is done by floating paints on a thickened water solution (called a gel). Once you are happy with the floating design it is frozen in time by laying a piece of paper or fabric onto the surface of the gel and allowing it to float and absorb the paint pattern. The paper or fabric is lifted up off the gel to reveal a unique once off print. You can also marble odd shaped 3D objects by dipping them gently into the marbling bath allowing the paint to wrap around it e.g. wooden items and ceramic in bisque state. Only marble porous surfaces that normal acrylic paints will adhere to. You can marble other surface types by either sanding off finishes or painting on a suitable paint primer first (primers available from hardware stores).

How to Marble

Please download/read the document called "Beginners Guide to Marbling". Alternatively you can contact us and we will email the information that you require. We also suggest that you watch You Tube vidoes to get creative ideas. 

How to make your Gel Bath

Add powder slowly to water while mixing vigorously. Stirring is not suitable, mechanical mixing is required. A good way to make the Gel Bath is to put a mixer fitting onto the end of a standard home hand drill and mix in a 20 litre bucket. Mixing fittings like this are available at most hardware stores for under R100. You can assist mixing by using warm to hot tap water. This will reduce the mixing time required.

After all powder has been added keep mixing for about 10 minutes until most lumps have disappeared. The mixture will appear white due to all the air in it. Allow the mixture to stand until it thickens and becomes completely clear. It will turn clear as the air leaves the system. The mixture should feel like egg white and is then ready to use. Transfer the required amount of this gel to your Marbling Bath.

How to care for your Gel and make it last

If you have made extra, only transfer what you need to the Marbling Bath. Keep any that is not is use in closed container and store in a cool area. Storing in a fridge will definitely prolong the life. Eventually the gel will become thin (loose viscosity) and / or go rotten. At this point you have to throw it away and make more. It is environmentally friendly (fully bio-degradable) so just flush it down the toilet or dispose of it in the garden. 

Keep out of reach of children
All our products should be kept out of reach of children under 5 years and anybody who may tend to place items or liquids in their mouths should be supervised. Even packing can become a choking hazard.
Unit Size
65g (makes 10 Litres)
650g (makes 100 Litres)
Cup Type
Cup Type

Gel Powder for Marbling


We sell Gel Powder in the following pack sizes:

  • 65g (makes 10 liters of Marbling Bath Gel)
  • 650g (makes 100 litres of Marbling Bath Gel)


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