Crystal Cluster Mould

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  • Mould made by Yulya Art.
  • Premium, Durable Silicone Mould for Resin Castings.
  • Food grade so suitable for chocolate and fondant.
  • No resin release agent should be used with this mould.
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Crystal Cluster Silicone Mould

Durable mould that does not require a release agent when resin is cast into it. Also suitable for polymer clay, chocolate and fondant.

You can easily create stunning resin crystal clusters in any colour. When used in small quantities our Allure Liquid Colourants and Colour Pearlescent Pigments give beautiful translucent effects. Also really great with our Interference Pearlescent Pigments that are naturally transparent. 

Instructions including removing the cured crystals
We recommend the use of the following resins for this mould:
  • Our resin called Counter Top & Shallow Casting Resin (Kristal 6) if you want clear to translucent crystals.
  • Our Resin called Economy Shallow Casting Resin (WoodCast 30) is a lower cost option and can be used if the crystals will be reasonably well coloured with pigments. 

For both recommended resins the mould depth actually exceeds the maximum allowed casting depth for the resin type but you will get away it as the volume in each crystal chamber is very small so heat generation remains low. 

Mix the resin as normal and add pigments as required. Pour resin into the mould so that it is full right up to the rim as this creates the cluster base. Allow resin to cure. Once resin is fully hard you need to remove the casting as follows:

Pull on the cured base and lift then pour in a little soapy water. Pour from various points and massage the sides so that each crystal chamber gets some soapy water. Pull slowly and gently to gradually work the resin crystal cluster out. 

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