Natural Aegirine Needle & Blade Crystals

Natural Aegirine Needle & Blade Crystals

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  • Black aegirine. Predominantly slender needle shaped crystals but includes some blades and stone shaped crystals.
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Aegirine Needle & Blade Crystals

About Aegirine

Aegirine occurs as monoclinic prismatic crystals. It has a glassy lustre and perfect cleavage. Aegirine is a member of the clinopyroxene group of inosilicate minerals. Aegirine has the chemical formula NaFeSI2Oin which the iron is present as Fe3+

Description of these crystals

Although aegirine crystals are often dark green, these can best be described as black with random white specs. They are predominantly elegant long slender needles but some blade shaped and some stone shaped crystals are present. The needles are only 1-2mm thick and vary in length from 30mm to 100mm (long and slender). Some have whitish pieces of the substrate on which they formed still attached. Most show flat surfaces with clean sharp edges.
If you need needle shaped crystals for your project then these may be the best you will find.
The picture shows 50g and is a good representation of what you will receive if you order a 50g unit. 
Size Descriptions for Bastion Paint Crystals and Stones
XS:  (less than 3mm)
S:    (4-15mm)
M:  (15-25mm)
L:    (25-40mm)
XL:  (greater than 40mm)
Where items are approximately spherical the size refers to their diameter. Where items are long and thin (such as crystal or blade shapes) or any other shape then the size refers to their largest dimension.
As these aegirine crystals are long and slender our size description is based on length. Almost all crystals fall into the categories of L and XL. 
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