Silicone Oil for Cells in Acrylic Pouring

100% Silicone Oil

  • 100% Silicone Oil (Dimethicone) for Cell Formation in Acrylic Pouring Art.
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100% Silicone Oil

We call this silicone oil "100%" as it is not mixed with any other chemicals. Some silicone oils are mixed or emulsified with other chemicals but this often results in them not being 100% clear. Our silicone oil is 100% transparent. 

Introduction to cell formation in Pouring Acrylic Art

Cells are basically isolated patches of darker or lighter color in the final artwork. They are a totally different color to the paint immediately around them or are areas surrounded by a "wall" of different colored paint. Variations of cells include features like hollow rings, different colored cell walls, color streaks and many more.

Cells can be automatically generated by the movement of different coloured paints through one another due to differences in their chemistry or density. A well-known way to increase or force cell generation in acrylic pouring art is to add silicone oil when preparing the pour.

We supply three Cell Forming products, two of which we manufacture ourselves.

100% Silicone Oil

For traditional cell forming chemistry.


A potent cell forming product that uses two mechanisms for cell formation.

Potent Cell Former / Guaranteed Cells /  Cells inside cells inside other cells / Distinct coloured cell walls /  Hollow Spheres........... You'll get them all.
Surpass your expectations and imagination.
Turbo Cell is highly economical as you require less than most other cell forming chemicals.
We recommend Turbo Cell for most applications but if you require a non-oily cell finish then our Non-oily Cell Former is the best product for you. 

Non-oily Cell Former

Gives unique benefits of generating Cells in Acrylic Pouring Art with non-oily chemistry. Our Non-oily Cell Former is a bit more sensitive to the way you use it but if you require the benefits of not adding an oily substance then this is the product for you.

How to use our 100% Silicone Oil

For medium sized pours add 3-4 drops directly to all acrylic paints that will be used in the pour. 3-4 drops per 50ml paint is normal.
After addition, stir a very small amount.
Unlike our other cell forming products this product is not supplied in a dropper bottle, you will need your own dropper.

Keep out of reach of children and avoid eye contact

It is very important to avoid eye-contact with all our Cell Forming products. Permanent eye damage can result from direct eye contact. Dropper bottles may be confused for eye-drop bottles so keep your art products separate from you medical products. In the event of eye contact wash eyes with running water continually and seek medical advice. These products do not harm skin but to prevent unknown effects of absorption through the skin it is better to avoid significant, prolonged and repeat skin contact.

All our products should be kept out of reach of children under 5 years and anybody who may tend to place items or liquids in their mouths should be supervised. Even packing can become a choking hazard.

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