Titanium Super White Colorant

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  • Concentrated Titanium Dioxide colorant primarily used to lighten paint colors.
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Titanium Super White

Highly concentrated Titanium Dioxide Pigment that can be added to resins as well as to oil & water-based paints. Lightens paint colors and gives hiding power.

Used to impart whiteness, Lightens colors and gives hiding power.

The standard colors of the Marbling and Pouring Acrylics that we offer all have a very strong color. These can be easily tuned into lighter colors and even pastel shades by using this colorant so you don't need to stock as many paint colors. 
Note that when high amounts are used (e.g. when changing a deep color to a pastel color) the flow of the paint will also be increased. Some ingredients in this colorant reduce the paints viscosity.

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