Magical Shimmering Dust

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  • Cosmetic Metallic Powder that creates a subtle shimmer on skin.
  • Also called Fairy Dust.
15g Gold
15g Silver
15g Bronze
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Magical Shimmering Dust

Fine Metallic Powder for application directly to your skin.

Appearance of Gold, Silver and Bronze Shimmering Dust:

These cosmetic powders are very fine so they create a subtle metallic shimmer on the skin. The shimmer is especially noticeable as light catches the particles.
This is a very different effect to glitter powder. Glitter powder particles are much larger and create an obvious sparkle.


Apply these powders with your fingertips or with a normal cosmetic brush.
As the powder particles are so fine they they stick to the natural slight moisture of the skin or to any cosmetic products or creams that have already been applied. They will rub off if you wear clothes over them. 

How much do I need?

A little goes a long way. We only sell one container size and this will last a single person about 300 applications if used like a normal face cosmetic.
Our containers all contain 15g of powder (in volume this is about 30ml).

100% safe for use on skin:

These powders are FDA approved for cosmetic application (this includes approval for prolonged and repeat usage). Every batch of pigment powder is laboratory tested and certified in Europe as being safe for skin application. We can send you the test results (called a COA) if ever you require. While the pigment powders are safe to use on lips and eye area you cannot apply them in this form to lips or eyes as they are not water resistant so will get licked off or run. 
  • Do not ingest any of our products. Not for use on lips as the powder will be licked off.
  • Keep out of reach of children or people who may try to place our products in their mouths.
15g Gold
15g Silver
15g Bronze
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