Colour Transition Paint: Fuchsia to Gold

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  • Also called Chameleon, Colour Shift or Mother-of-pearl Paint.
  • Iridescent acrylic paint that changes colour as viewing angle changes.
100ml 300ml 1 Litre
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Colour Transition: Fuchsia to Gold

The pictures show a single painted surface. They show the typical colours that this paint displays at various viewing angles.
The colour of this paint changes from Fuchsia to Gold as the viewing angle changes. During the transition, Orange and Deep Silver shades can be observed.
If painting over a single continuous colour only one or two coats will be required. As this paint has relatively good hiding power (opacity) it works almost equally well when painted over black, white or other colours. 
This paint has the highest hiding power of all our Colour Transition Paints. 
Technical video demonstrating our three Colour Transition Paints:
Suggested applications
  • Apply over specific areas of sufficiently dry acrylic artwork to achieve awesome iridescent colour shift effects. 
  • Use it as a paint in acrylic pours to achieve iridescent colour shifting effects. Most effective using Dutch Pour technique. 
  • Perfect for cupboard doors. You will see these change colour as they open and close.
  • Perfect for feature walls which will appear different colours along their length. 
Important points
This is a special effect paint that reflects and refracts light in unique ways to generate a range of visible colours. The underlying colour and texture of a surface will influence the visual appearance. 
No two surfaces painted with this paint will ever look the same. This paint creates creative opportunities that were previously not available.
Comparing all our Colour Transition Paints
Fuchsia to Gold: This paint has good opacity and thus gives a similar effect over black, white and colours. With 2-3 coats it can completely hide the colours underneath it. 
Silver Green to Burgundy: This paint is semi-translucent and the effect it gives is dependent on the colour it is painted over. It gives a good effect over all colours but strongest effect over black. 
Blue to Mauve: This paint is translucent and its effect is highly dependent on the colour it is painted over. It has a strong colour effect on black and very weak colour effect on white. Excellent for mother-of-pearl effects. 
Physical Properties
UV Resistant Pure Acrylic
For Interior and Exterior use - the pearl colour transition effect is not damaged by UV light.
Stain Resistant Satin finish
Keep out of reach of children
All our products should be kept out of reach of children under 5 years and anybody who may tend to place items or liquids in their mouths should be supervised. Even packing can become a choking hazard.
1 Litre

Colour Transition: Fuchsia to Gold

1 litre Paints approximately 10m2  per coat on smooth surfaces.

Usually 2 to 3 coats are required. Wait 2-4 hours between coats depending on the weather. 

Wash up unwanted paint and painting equipment with water before the paint dries. 

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