Allure Epoxy Resin Earth Colourants

  • Highly concentrated liquid colourants that are easy to stir into resins.
  • Suitable for Epoxy and Polyester resin systems.
  • Supplied in convenient dropper bottles.

Allure Epoxy Resin Earth Colourants


General Information on Allure Colourants

These liquid colourants are usually added to epoxy resin after mixing Part A and B.
They are easily mixed into resin and create continuous uniform colour.
Pigment colourants that are lightfast (non-fading) and will actually help to protect the resin from UV damage. 
The Allure Epoxy Resin Earth Colourant Range consists of three earthy colours. If you want a brown colour then add both Earth Yellow and Earth Red to your resin. 
For vibrant colours please see Allure Epoxy Resin Vibrant Colourants (which include black and white). 


See our Allure Liquid Colourant range in resins:

Types of resin systems these colourants can be used in

  • Allure Epoxy Resin Liquid Colourants have been tested in a range of Epoxy Resins for the following parameters: uniformity of colour, negligible impact on resin viscosity, negligible impact on curing and negligible impact on dry resin properties. Compatibility is extremely good at levels up to 6% by mass (you will require significantly less than 6% to get a solid colour). 
  • Allure Liquid Colourants are for use in epoxy resin systems that cure without the application of external heat. They are sufficiently heat resistant to not be impacted by the normal internal curing temperatures that are reached.
  • They have not been widely tested in Polyester Resin systems but general compatibility with these resins seems excellent. You will have to test them with your specific Polyester Resin brand. 
  • Some of these Allure Colourants are not compatible with oil and solvent based systems and others are not compatible with water based systems. These colourants should only be used in resins. (We sell a separate range of Liquid Colourants for water based paints.) 

How much to use

To achieve translucent colour use very little (even as low as 1-2 drops per litre). Due to the very high pigment level in Allure Colourants the small 30ml bottles will last for months for most arts and crafts purposes. The 100ml bottles are more suitable for very regular users. 
To create translucent colour in a small volume of resin, dip a toothpick into the colourant and then dip the toothpick into the resin. Due to the very high pigment loading of the colourants, one drop will be far too much. 
Never use more than 6% Colourant of the resin mass or volume. You will normally require far less than this. At higher addition levels the risk exits that viscosity, curing or final resin strength may be impacted. 

Special Effects

These Liquid Colourants create continuous conventional colours. To create special effects such as Solid Metallic, Translucent Metallic, Colour Shift or Sparkle you need our Pigment Powders. 


Resin chemistry is developing rapidly and varies between manufacturers and products. It is a good idea to always test additives with your resin of choice. 
If adding liquid or powder colourants when the final strength properties of your cured resin are critical, such as in structural applications, then you need to test the cured resin strength to ensure it meets required specifications. 
Always take the required safety and health precautions when working with resins. 
Keep out of reach of children
All our products should be kept out of reach of children under 5 years and anybody who may tend to place items or liquids in their mouths should be supervised. Even packing can become a choking hazard.
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