Buddstone Small Tumbled Stones – Glossy

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  • Buddstone is a beautiful green, somewhat mottled stone that is also called South African Jade.
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Buddstone - Small Tumbled Stones
Buddstone (or budstone) is also called African Jade (or South African Jade). 

Despite this name it not closely related to other varieties of Jade. The only source of buddstone is in the Barbaton area of South Africa where it is mined.
Buddstone is a Grossulartie Garnet which is a Calcium Aluminium Silicate. While Grossulartie Garnet can also be orange, red, dark yellow and gold, buddstone gets its beautiful green colour from the inclusion of green minerals (fuchsite, epidote or chlorite). It is often confused with verdite as they are both green stones with similar appearance. Buddstone is usually less uniformly green than verdite.
These stones have been fully tumbled to develop a smooth polished finish.

Description of Buddstone

Beautiful opaque green stones. The stones are mottled with shades of green ranging from light green to olive green. The mottle is only apparent from quite close range. 

Stone Size

Small 1: Flattish stones 7-15mm with average length about 10mm.
Small 2: Roundish stones 10-20mm with average length about 15mm.
Small stones are ideal for use in resin art.
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