Quartz Crystals - Translucent Blue

Translucent Blue Crystals

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  • Uniform semi-transparent blue quartz crystals that refract light into rainbow colours at some angles.
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Translucent Blue Coloured Quartz Crystals

Laboratory grown quartz crystals with translucent blue colour incorporated throughout the crystal structure. These uniformly coloured crystals demonstrate refractive behavior and split light in its rainbow colours at certain angles. 

These crystals can add beauty to many types of projects and art and look beautiful in clear resin.

As these are real crystals and are grown in a way similar to how they would grow in nature (just in a more concentration solution) they are not perfectly shaped, for example most show marks were they were attached to the substrate.
Most are doubly terminated meaning they have pyramid shaped terminations at both ends.

The crystals vary in length from 30 to 35mm (size Medium). In the photo they are compared to a R1 coin. 

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Pack Size
1 Crystal
10 Crystals

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