Aventurine Green Rough Stones

  • Unprocessed beautiful translucent green stones with a shimmer.
  • The shimmer effect is called aventurescence.
Size L: 500g R 76.00

Aventurine Green Rough, Unprocessed Stones

Aventurine is a form of quartz, characterised by its translucency and the presence of platy mineral inclusions that give a shimmering or glistening effect termed aventurescence. These stones get their green colour from the inclusion of platy chrome-bearing fuchsite (a variety of muscovite mica). Aventurine is not the same as green quartz as green quartz doe not contain chrome-bearing fuchsite. Aventurine occurs in various colours but green is the most sought-after colour
The chemical formula of quartz is SiO2 (as it is a form of crystalline silica). Quartz has a trigonal crystal structure and can be macro-crystalline or cryptocrysalline. 

Description of these Aventurine Green Rough Stones

These are beautiful translucent, natural green cryptocrystalline stones that have not been tumbled or polished. 
These stones have not been processed so have a natural stone shape and feel.

Size Description

XS:  (less than 4mm)
S:    (4-15mm)
M:  (15-25mm)
L:    (25-50mm)
XL:  (greater than 50mm)
Where items are approximately spherical the size refers to their diameter. Where items are long and thin (such as crystal or blade shapes) or any other shape, then the size refers to their largest dimension. It is important to see the pictures to know exactly what the appearance is. Our pictures do not showcase the best, they are as realistic as possible and include A R1 coin to demonstrate the actual size. 

Aventurine Green Rough Stones: Size L: 500g

Stones vary from 30-50mm. 
500g is approximately 25 stones. 
Keep out of reach of children
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Size / Mass
Size S: 100g
Size S: 200g
Size S: 500g
Size L: 500g

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