Amethyst Small Tumbled Stones - Glossy

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  • Purple translucent crystal stones.
  • Vary from dark to light purple. Some have white bands or patches.
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Amethyst Small Tumbled Stones

Amethyst is the most widely used quartz crystal and has a distinct characteristic purple colour.
Quartz is a silica mineral with chemical formula SiO2
These stones are crystals (or a number of fused crystals). 
These stones have been fully tumbled to develop a smooth polished finish. 


Description of Amethyst

Purple translucent crystal stones.
The stones vary from dark to light purple. Some have white bands or patches. 
Amethyst is a purple coloured quartz crystal which obtains it colour from irradiation, impurities of iron or in some cases other transition metals and the presence of other trace elements. 


Stone Size

Small 1: Flattish stones 7-15mm with average length about 10mm.
Small 2: Roundish stones 10-20mm with average length about 15mm.
Small stones are ideal for use in resin art.
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