Amethyst Rough Stones

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  • Amethyst Crystal Stones with characteristic purple colour.
Size S: 10 stones
Size L to XL: 500g
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Amethyst is the most popular quartz crystal and has a distinct characteristic purple colour.
These are beautiful natural stones that have not been tumbled or polished. 
Size Descriptions for all Bastion Paint Crystals and Stones
XS:  (less than 4mm)
S:    (4-15mm)
M:  (15-25mm)
L:    (25-50mm)
XL:  (greater than 50mm)
Where items are approximately spherical the size refers to their diameter. Where items are long and thin (such as crystal or blade shapes) or any other shape, then the size refers to their largest dimension. It is important to see the pictures to know exactly what the appearance is. Our pictures do not showcase the best, they are as realistic as possible and include A R1 coin to demonstrate the actual size. 
Amethyst Rough Stones: Size S: 10 stones
The average colour is deep purple but natural variation includes some lighter purple shades and stripes.
These are distinctly small stones, perfect for resin art. 
Amethyst Rough Stones: Size L to XL: 500g 
The colour within each stone varies from deep to light purple. Most stones have distinct light purple to whitish stripes and patterns which create striking features.
500g is approximately 14 stones. 
The stone size within each 500g unit varies from L to XL. The smallest stones are about 30mm and the largest are about 60mm
Size S: 10 stones
Size L to XL: 500g

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