Acrylic Paint Thickener

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  • Effectively thickens all acrylic paints.
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Acrylic Paint Thickener


About Acrylic Paint Thickener and how to use it


Add directly into paint with mixing. Just a small amount increases the viscosity (thickness) of acrylic paints very effectively (8ml per litre of paint will have a noticeable effect).  Don't be fooled by the fact that this product is a liquid, it thickens paint very effectively. 

This product thickens through interaction with the paint binder so it will be less effective in cheap, low quality matt acrylic paints that have less binder. 

Add slowly (drop by drop) with stirring to avoid lump formation. We suggest that you use a dropper to add Acrylic Paint Thickener to low viscosity acrylics and stir well after every few drops. Once paints get thick then mix then with a pallet knife if more Acrylic Paint Thickener is added. It works well thickening heavy body paints even further using a pallet knife on the canvas.

It can thicken soft body paints to a paste but if thickening a larger volume of paint, such as 1 litre, then it is better to use a mixer than hand stirring, especially if the target is very high thickness / high viscosity. 

The chemistry is based on polyurethane and is thus highly water resistant so won't reduce the durability of the paint. Suitable for interior and exterior paints. 

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