Acrylic Retarder

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  • Retards (reduces, slows) the drying rate of acrylic paints.
  • Increases paints open time.
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Acrylic Retarder

  • This additive is a transparent liquid (called PGI) that significantly slows the drying rate of water-based paints (including PVAs and Acrylics). A reduced drying rate serves to increase the open-time (the time available for workability of the paint). Open Time can be thought of as the time during which a painted film can be interfered with or modified without damaging the film. Beyond a certain point of drying (after the open-time has passed) a painted film can no longer be modified without damaging it.
  • This additive will also decrease the viscosity (decrease the thickness) of paints.
  • Simply pour into the paint and stir until paint is uniform. Typical addition levels will range from 1% to 6% (10ml per litre of paint to 60ml per litre of paint).
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