Yellow Carnelian Small Tumbled Stones - Glossy

  • Processed translucent stones with various yellow colours
  • Size XS to S.
100g R 17.00
200g R 30.00
500g R 67.00

Yellow Carnelian Tumbled Stones

These are beautiful translucent stones that have been tumbled to develop a smooth, glossy finish. The stones range from light to medium yellow.
When we purchased these stones they were sold to us as Yellow Aventurine but we subsequently determined that they are a Yellow Carnelian Agate. Carnelian is most well known for lovely red and orange shades but with lower iron content it can be more yellow as with these stones. Carnelian is a form of chalcedony while agate consists of chalcedony alternating with fine granular quartz. 
Chalcedony is cryptocrystalline, consisting of fine intergrowths of quartz and moganite. Chalcedony is also a component of many other rock types such agate, onyx and jasper. Agate consists of chalcedony alternating with fine granular quartz. 
Both Chalcedony and Agate are translucent (if you put a light behind it, light tends to shine through).
The chemical formula of chalcedony and agate is SiO2 (as they are forms of crystalline silica). 
Size XS to S stones
Longest dimension is 3mm-10mm with average length about 6mm. 
These are ideal for use in resin art.
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