Satin Leaf Jasper Small Tumbled Stones – Matt

  • Earthy-red coloured stones with some off-white patches, rounded shape and smooth matt finish.
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Satin Leaf Jasper Small Tumbled Stones – Matt
These are opaque earthy red stones that have been semi-tumbled to develop a rounded shape with smooth, matt finish. Semi-tumbling retains the natural stone appearance while creating a smooth rounded stone shape.
The red shade is more earthy in colour than red jasper and off-white sides and bands are present in some stones. The stones naturally have smooth surfaces with a satin feel.
Jasper is a cryptocrystalline rock consisting of microgranular quartz and/or chalcedony and other mineral phases. It is an opaque, impure variety of silica, usually red, yellow, brown or green in colour.
Unlike chalcedony and agate, jasper is opaque and light does not shine through it. Jasper is usually multi-coloured, spotted or banded but uniform coloured jasper does occur e.g. red jasper.
As with red jasper, the reddish colour is derived from the presence of iron oxide in the stone structure.
Small stones
Longest dimension is 5mm-15mm with average length about 9mm. 
These are ideal for use in resin art.
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