Review Us

For this review method you will be required to sign-in to your own Google Account (if you have a gmail then you have a Google account). You will not be anonymous and we will be able to respond to your review.
You do not need to purchase from us to give us this type of review. Perhaps you have a comment on the helpfulness of our office staff, our website or anything else about us - let everybody know. 
Bastion Paint also participates in Google Customer Reviews
This is a different review system only for customers who purchase our products. After placing an order, customers can select if they want to participate in a Google Survey. They will receive the simple survey from Google by email several days after ordering and therefore only complete the survey after receiving their order. This is an anonymous review system and participants do not require a Google account but they do need to place an order with us. You can see the results of all these reviews in the footer of each page of this website. Clearly we offer excellent products and excellent service.