Polished Labradorite Cabochons

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  • Chatoyant, iridescent cabochons that play with light.
  • About 5mm thick and range in length from 25-40mm.
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These crystal stones may be more readily associated with standout jewellery pieces such as broaches, cuff-links, boutique clothing buttons and large finger rings. Nevertheless we feel they will look awesome in art and nowhere better to put them than in resin art. 

Labradorite: Very Simply

Labradorite is a stone type in the same family as moonstone. Once shaped and polished it is well known for its iridescent appearance. This stone "plays with light". In crystal terms this effect is known as Chatoyancy.

Labradorite: Technically

It is classified as a plagioclase and “calcium sodium” feldspar; moonstone is an orthoclase and “potassium sodium” feldspar. This is why moonstone and labradorite are “sister” stones… they are in the same family (feldspar) but gemologically they are different. The chemical formula is ((Ca,Na)(Al,Si)4O8). 


Like Gallets, Cabochons are individually hand cut or machined, rounded and polished. Unlike Gallets, Cabochons have one flat surface and one rounded surface. 

These Labradorite Cabochons range in size. All are about 5mm thick and range in length from 25-40mm. They all have a flat surface (bottom) and rounded surface (top). The dominant colours that the stones display are a wide range of golds, blues, greens and greys.

We supply packs of 10 and trays of 60 stones. The colours and sizes of stones is randomly selected but each order is guaranteed to have a range of colours and sizes. 


These cabochons can be used for jewellery but will also create awesome effects in resin art and other projects. The flat side makes them thin enough to incase with resin and easy to secure onto flat bases. 

Find out more

If you have an interest in a little more beginners detail on the topic of crystals and stones you can download the attachment available on this webpage. This also discusses the quality, processing and value of gemstones such as sapphires, rubies and diamonds as well as the processing of stones by tumbling, polishing and cutting into gallets and cabochons...........and it's only 2 pages. Everybody buying jewellery should know these basics. 

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Pack Size
Pack of 10
Tray of 60

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