Pearl Top Coat Medium

Pearl Top Coat Medium

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  • A translucent top coat that creates a pearl effect.
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Pearl Top Coat Medium
Primary Function:
Apply as a top coat over acrylic artworks to create unique light interference effects.
Properties and Directions
Soft Body (high flow), Semi-gloss, Pure Acrylic.
As the effect varies over different colours we suggest that you test the effect first.
Dilute with water or Acrylic Gloss Glaze Medium to reduce the effect if required.
Dry films are sufficiently flexible to be rolled.
Apply thin films with a soft brush.
Avoid pooling in valleys (always spread to a thin coat).

What is a pearl effect?

The unique defining characteristics of a pearl are that light reflected from the surface of a pearl appears to originate from below the surface and that the color changes subtly as viewing angle changes. The pearl effect may well be described as an iridescent lustre or translucent, semi-gloss lustre". 

Experiment and test

We can't predict exactly what the effect will look like over all your colors but we do think you will enjoy finding out. Perhaps experiment a bit on the side before applying it over your artwork. If you find the effect too strong then remove some Pearl Top Coat and add some water to it. Adding water will reduce brush marks and result in a thinner more subtle effect. 
Add a hint of color
You can add a tiny amount of some of our liquid colorants to the pearl paint to get an extra special unique effect. Try a touch of Bright Yellow or Bright Red or an even smaller touch of Green or Blue liquid colorant. It is very important that you use only enough liquid colorant to create a subtle effect that is still translucent. Note that oxide colorants will usually impart too much hiding power. 
Keep out of reach of children
All our products should be kept out of reach of children under 5 years and anybody who may tend to place items or liquids in their mouths should be supervised. Even packing can become a choking hazard.

As this paint is usually only applied as a thin coat, it has a high spread rate of about 12 m2 per litre

Normal application is with a soft paint brush. Dilute the paint with a little water if you need to avoid all brush marks or create a more subtle effect.