Heavy Body Metallic Paints: 100ml

Heavy Body Metallic Paints: 100ml

  • Acrylic Paste Paints applied with brush or pallet-knife.
  • Supplied in bottles, not tubes.
  • Perfect for Impasto Techniques - create metallic texture.
Shipped in:
Bright Gold R 139.00
Amber Gold R 139.00
Rose Gold R 139.00
Bronze R 139.00
Copper R 139.00
Champagne R 139.00
Brass R 139.00
Malachite R 139.00
Olive R 139.00
Rufous R 139.00
Azure R 139.00
Deep Silver R 139.00
Bright Silver R 139.00
Black Pearl R 139.00

Heavy Body Metallic Paints

Metallic Paints manufactured with a high pigment loading of both real metal pigments and pearlescent pigments. 

Perfect for impasto techniques. The high paste viscosity means the paint stays where it is placed. Even needle-like structures can be created which is remarkable for a paint but even more amazing is that the paste can still be spread easily, feels light and the dry paint is flexible. The paint should be applied with a brush or pallet-knife although interesting texture effects can be achieved with tools such as coarse combs. 

For now this paint is not available in tubes but is sold in 100ml containers. 

The paints have a high sheen but once dry, a coat of our Clear Top Coat can transform them into a flat matt or high gloss finish. 

Bright Gold
Amber Gold
Rose Gold
Deep Silver
Bright Silver
Black Pearl

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